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Sonic: no battle i still says wrong password
wv47dod18 : Back up and gaming ladys kidneys are ok and no more pain
wv47dod18 : Sonic Ts Was Down should be good
Sonic: hey guys i cant login into teamspeak telling me the wrong password
wv47dod18 : Kidney stone SUGERY 7/5/17 hope to be back up and.gamimg soon after
wv47dod18 : Well it's official I'm a PBBANS staff member 😁
wv47dod18 : Guys lets set a day and do the aapg thing and have tons of fun with the unit
SkootDawG: Thanks to all the Vets, God Bless You !
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Empowering and seeking justice for people affected by military water contamination.

We are a group of veterans and civilians who served our country. Without reserve, we left the safety and security of our homes to work for you, the American people.

Now we are suffering, and we need your help.

Across the United States, we were exposed to countless numbers of chemicals without our knowledge. We were exposed to known carcinogens and immune disruptors. We drank the water as you drink the water in your homes, trusting that it was good for us and for our families. Instead, the water brought us harm. Exposure to the contaminants in the water has injured us physically and damaged us emotionally. The unjust government response to our plight has been to call us “collateral damage.” That is wrong, and we are asking for justice.

                           On behalf of those involved, thank you.

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