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wv47dod18 : the american trucker game scoot, but got a harley davidson in the shead i just got might drive up and see u on it
SkootDawG: no way Dean !! so jealous, what did u get ?
wv47dod18 : I will be driving my truck tonight until we kick off AAPG
wv47dod18 : Id love to see the server full again, im back we all need to get together and game a bit
wv47dod18 : Picking up my new Harley Davidson in a few days scoot
wv47dod18 : ON OUR RADAR: {SCRUFF}starfltcdrjr
SkootDawG: rub it in !! mine just turned 333,000 miles
wv47dod18 : Guess if i cant shoot amyone tonight ill just drive my new truck around
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